Your Daylight Savings Time Home Checklist

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Daylight savings time has come and we can all agree that losing an hour of sleep is worth the extra hour of sunshine in the long run. What will you do with your extra hour? Now that is sun is still shining after work, you may be inspired to give your Outer Banks home or commercial property some TLC. We’ve provided a list of home maintenance projects that take an hour or less to complete, making your spring cleaning and maintenance list easy to tackle. Spend 3 days a week knocking out these projects and your home will be in excellent shape for warmer weather - meaning you can be at the beach relaxing, instead of checking off your chore list.

1 Hour Home Projects
(Complete 3 projects a week and you’ll be finished by the end of April)

Power Washing
Take an hour to research and schedule a power washing session at your house. If you have your own, knock it out in 1 hour sessions (front exterior, back exterior, siding and decks)

Sand and Paint Your Front Door
A fresh coat of paint will really bring life back to your home’s exterior

Clean Windows and Screens
Give your windows a good scrubbing on the inside and outside to remove dust, mold and debris 

Roof Review
Take time to inspect your roof for missing shingles and damaged areas. Work on or schedule repairs before the busy summer season roles around. 

Clean Out Gutters
Grab your ladder and take some time to clean out your gutters so they are in tip-top shape for those April showers

HVAC Check-in
Remove debris from and around your unit and replace the filter. Schedule a tune-up with an HVAC pro to bypass any issues with your unit during the summer heat. Check out our parters page for Outer Banks HVAC and home maintenance vendors

Give your flower beds some love and prepare for your beautiful spring annuals by pulling weeds and fertilizing the soil as you work

Replace Filters and Batteries
Take an hour to check and replace your air filters and batteries in your smoke detector. Go ahead and purchase batteries and other miscellaneous household items you need in the future. You’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to fight the crowds at the store this summer.

Start Your Garden
If you love fresh herbs and vegetables, begin planting your seeds now. If you need some home gardening tips, check out

Spring Cleaning & Organizing
- Clean baseboards
- Clean and organize kitchen cabinets
- Organize your closet and donate any unused items

Tackle these projects now when the weather is still below 70 degrees, so you can enjoy your extra hour of sunshine this spring. If you need some inspiration, check out Maria Congo’s series on Netflix, Tidying Up. She can offer you some handy organization tips and will get you started and motivated.

If you have your eyes on a new property or need help selling your home, contact us. We'd love to guide you through the process and answer all of your real estate questions.