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Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is a peaceful beach town that is rich in history and beautiful landscapes. Most famously known as the birthplace of aviation, the same welcoming spirit that greeted the Wright brothers over a hundred years ago, lives on today. This town offers several charming, year-round communities, as well as attractive vacation rental properties. The town is careful to keep a healthy balance between development and natural landscape, allowing the area to feel less developed than other neighboring communities. The oceanfront still holds on to older cottages from yesteryear and offer a mix of luxury properties to mid sized cottages and condos.

History of Kitty Hawk, NC

Long before the Wright Brothers came to visit, Native American tribes inhabit the land. The town was originally named “Chickahawk” in the early 1700 by the Native Americans, meaning land to hunt geese. In the late 1700s, the name was later referred to as Kitty Hawk by the locals.

Centuries later, the Wright Brothers ventured to the town in 1900 to test out their gliders. The wind and tall sand dunes were the perfect conditions for their invention take flight. After the first flight was achieved in 1903, the town went back to its laid back, quiet way of life. The town was gradually developed over time and is now a popular vacation destination.

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