About Wanchese, NC

Wanchese is a small fishing village located on the south end or Roanoke Island. The village is a strong, tight knit community of year-round residences and watermen who work together.  Many of the families that live in Wanchese have been there for centuries and are some of the finest folks you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. The area is a hot spot for incredible custom boats. Some of the notable boat builders in the community are Spencer yachts and Baylis Boatworks. Those two are the largest in the village but the craftsmanship that can only be passed down through generations is prevalent in several smaller shops. Many charter boat head to the gulf stream daily for tuna, marlin and other game fish. 

History of Wanchese, NC

Similar to Roanoke Island, many of the family names in Wanchese can be traced back to the 1600's. The accents, mannerisms and way of life has been passed down and can still be seen and heard. The harbor has been a bountiful source of seafood since 1936. when W.R. Etheridge started a processing plant, Wanchese Fish. This business has continued to grove over the years and is staple in the community. In recent years, the area is known as the location for the hit show Wicked Tuna Outer Banks.

Landmarks & Attractions in Wanchese, NC

Roanoke Island Marshes Nature Preserve
North Carolina Birding Trail
• Wanchese Marina


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